Anything goes.
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I lie between pink and blue; white and black. I lie between the sweet and the bitter.
I stand between girls and boys. I stand between colors and monochrome.I stand between faith and own belief,
I lie between the truth and fantasy.

I am a mixture of feelings and indecisiveness, I am a mixture of pride and humility.

I like to be alone, but not forever alone.

This blog contains random thoughts of an insignificant person who lives a currently simple life. As the title goes, I post anything that I find amusing. Happy Reading! :)

30-day Art Challenge

30. Your favorite weather: Cloudy

Gaah. First time to draw clouds… ( ;°Д°) Gah it looks awful~ (╥﹏╥)

Posted on Oct 15, 2012
Tagged: #30dayartchallenge #art #clouds #sketch #pencil